Rawlins Hall Master Plan

Rawlins Hall construction underway

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One part of the University of North Texas’ master plan is beginning to take shape on campus. Rawlins Hall, named after UNT President Emeritus V. Lane Rawlins, is currently under construction at the former location of the Sierra Apartments on Maple Street.

Rawlins Hall will be the second honors hall on campus and will house primarily freshmen. Due to the growing demand from honors students, Rawlins Hall will house just under 500 beds, compared to the 200 beds in Honors Hall. The new residence hall will have about three times as much common space as most other residence halls on campus now.

The backside of Rawlins Hall will feature a large porch area connecting Clark Hall and Honors Hall, allowing for additional meeting space and pedestrian paths around the area. The porch area will also help lead into the new Gateway Park. The New park will connect the Gateway Center to Maple Street and will provide extra space for students to hang out outside. It will help connect the I-35 pedestrian bridge, Apogee Stadium and Fouts Field with the rest of the campus. Details about the Gateway Park will be laid out in the near future.

The property that Rawlins Hall will be built on was purchased by the university from the owners of the Sierra Apartments located on Maple Street. The property was purchased in February and  the university requested that all residents move out by March 31. The university assisted with moving services and the financial burdens that come with relocating residents.

Image: UNT Master Plan
Source: UNT Master Plan (2013)

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    I wasn’t a big fan of the gateway center when it was built but the long term plan to develop that corner of campus looks nice.

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